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Sandboard is one of the most unusual way of transportation and active leisure with popularity among adventurous fans in Dubai.

This sport is alike to snowboarding, but involves riding a snowboard on sand dunes instead of snow mountains.

Why sandboard hire in Dubai is so popular?

Sandboarder is gaining speed slower than snowboarding. Nevertheless, experienced riders develop speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour!

Remember about your safeness and use protection or ride in long pants. There is no special need in the helmet, but a mask and goggles from sand will give you more comfort.

For children and for those, who are starting to explore the sand power, we have got sand sled rental which is safer.

Where to ride and where to rent?

The most accessible place to ride is the sand dune Tal Mireb or Moreeb Hill in the United Arab Emirates. But you can choose other places that are presented on our web-portal. Rentin makes it easy and quick to find your sandboards rental in Dubai for a reasonable price. There is no need in buying - use our search to find your deal and have great time!