Yachts for Rent

A walk on a yacht and a boat along Dubai is an excellent opportunity to escape from the city's bustle and enjoy the beauty of this city.

Each yacht has an outer part and an inside part. The outer is the cockpit and the deck, where everything happens during the day.

Inside part is a salon with a kitchen, cabins and toilets with showers. So, private yachts for rent can become your second home, providing different types of rest.

Occasions for yachts rental in Dubai

Types of boats for rent

Using the filter on Rentin, you can choose the year, the price, the amount of people and the size of yacht (small, medium, large) for your ride. You can use yacht and boat hire in Dubai Marina or other regions and cities in UAE. Use our categories to find the perfect vessel for your event and plans-from cheap to luxury yachts rental in Dubai. Call the specialized owner’s phone for your reservation, find your best deal today and share these moments with your loved ones.