Small yachts

Rent yacht Riviera 47 Queen Fish

Rent yacht Riviera 47 Queen Fish

Dubai , Dubai Marina August 14, 2019

AED 690 hour
Cruiser Yacht Rental In Abu Dhabi

Cruiser Yacht Rental In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi , abu dhabi April 1, 2019

AED 345 hour

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Small yachts

Planning a water trip alone or in group of two or three people? In such case the best yacht size for you is a small yacht.

All the facilities, nothing extra and a good price- that is the reason why people prefer small yacht rental in Dubai.

What occasions are popular for small boat rental in Dubai?

On a small yacht nobody will disturb you and you can truly feel the relaxing power of water!

What will you get by renting a yacht?

Yachts are designed for people who appreciate real rest and want to combine it with comfort. This is not just a way to travel on the water, it’s sophistication, style and a way to show your status.

When you leave the shore, all problems will remain on land. Yachts for rent allow you to forget about all the problems and, as a result, it will affect your state of health and mood.

Using the filter on Rentin, you can rent a small yacht, choosing the year, the price and the amount of people for your ride. Leave all cares on the shore and enjoy your sea walk.