Sailing yachts

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Sailing yachts

If the speed is not important for you and you value contact with the sea, wind and nature more, then sailing yachts are what you are looking for!

Benefits of sailing yachts rental in Dubai

Sailing yachts for rent are the best way of relaxing from big city life, without noise and exhaust gases.

Replace the usual restaurant with a luxury sailing yacht and immerse yourself in a romantic atmosphere with unforgettable memories.

What is the price of sailing yacht?

Many people think that renting a sailing yacht is a pleasure that definitely requires not the smallest budget. Let us count: if you compare the price of rooms in a hotel and a restaurant where the event will be held, then it turns out that the cost of renting yacht is a lot cheaper from the one that you receive in the other case.

With our customized flexible filter you can choose and rent sailing yachts in Dubai for any budget and aim. Compare yachts from different rental services, find your best deal, hire a sailing yacht and enjoy your trip.