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Wakeboard and ski

These are those types of active entertainment that can be attributed to extreme. It is a combination of snowboarding, water skiing, skate and surfing. Experienced athletes perform high jumps and turns on the board, and beginners simply try to stay on and drive along the water.

In terms of fitness and benefits for the figure, these sports are some of the most usefu. 20 minutes on water on this ski replace the hour in the gym!

Wakeboarding in Dubai is characterized by higher amplitude of actions: higher speed, more adrenaline, wider scope for imagination in terms of performing tricks on the water.

Kinds of wakeboards

First of all, you need to decide what kind is for you: boat or cable. In both cases, the board has its own characteristics.

Boat boards have deep channels that perform amortization and stabilization functions during the landing. In addition, they can be supplemented with fins. And on the cable ones has an additional wear-resistant layer on the sliding surface.

Buying this vehicle is an expensive decision. Of course, there is always the opportunity to take the board for rent. This will reduce your costs and there always will be an experienced instructor, who will help you to cope with the strength of water.

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